Families First Is Underway

South Central Community Action Agency has partnered with Families First of Mississippi to incorporate a Families First Program in Simpson and Copiah Counties.Families First For Mississippi is expanding its core services to incorporate additional components designed to stimulate employment, support family financial stability, promote literacy, and increase graduation rates while continuing to support positive youth development, impacting teen pregnancy rates, promoting positive father involvement and supporting county offices of the Mississippi Department of Human Services through parenting education and parenting skills development.

The “whole family” program will provide services for children, adolescents, teens, adults and the elderly. The expanded program will utilize partnerships with state and community agencies to both fill in service gaps and ensure that quality services are not being unnecessary replicated. The overall goal of the program is to provide youth, parents and adults with a safe place to learn more positive lifestyles and enhance their capacity to make healthier life choices through building communal and mentor relationships for personal enrichment. In addition, program participants will engage in strategized initiatives centered around dropout prevention, violence prevention, personal wellness development through fitness goals, life-long health activities, career exposure and commitment, student-driven discussions and guidance on embracing healthy choices and lifestyles for parents, youth and the family as-a-whole.

The program will target students at the middle and high school levels, and parents in Simpson and Copiah Counties. SCCAA center staff will provide area participants with activities designed to be educational and interactive for group and individualized career/life related skills and services.

Families First Is Underway details

The Life Skills component involves fun activities on budgeting. This activity helps students understand the importance of managing money and spending appropriately.